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"A good trainer sees a problem and fixes it,

a GREAT trainer sees the problem BEFORE it starts so it NEVER happens!"


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Mark got a special award from United Schutzhund Clubs of America!

Over 35 years of selfless service to USA!

Mark Peter and Ann Marie in

Movie Shoot "Wastelanders"



Mark Chaffin has been in the sport of Schutzhund for over 30 years and titled his first dog in 1978. He is training director of High Plains SchH Club in Colorado, which started in June of 1990 and is a full member of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America.

Mark's club is a highly successful and competitive schutzhund training club that believes in training all three phases of the sport. He has club members that travel as far as 8 hours ONE WAY! - to train with him. Club members have moved from Maryland and Nebraska to be in High Plains SchH Club.

Mark's schutzhund training style is similar to martial arts. He works with every level of dog from pet to serious competition dogs. We are not just cookie trainers.



I have learned there is a tremendous need for high quality training at an affordable price. How did I know? Well, I've seen many people, myself included, in that situation.

In the beginning I had very little access to hands on training, so I did the best I could. You can imagine how excited I was every time I got to work with a top notch trainer. My training would improve overnight! Overnight I would have a set of new training skills.

Many years later, I started teaching and doing seminars. Everywhere I went, dog owners would tell me there wasn't anyone "good" in the area. I thought "How can that be?" So here's MY answer to that problem...

TOP Schutzhund Training (get training videos from one of the best trainers in the country!)

schutzhund training

Mark's training techniques:   


High Plains Schutzhund Club is a full member club of

United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USA)

Mid Central Region

The Official Team High Plains Jet

Compliments of Charles Dorrance.
Pictured is Ulf Von Der Bosen Nachbarschaft SchH3 AD. When he absolutely, positively has to be some where on time, Ulf highly recommends the Team High Plains Jet.


We accept all breeds...

     We endorse the Total Rottweiler Magazine!!


Doberman, Black Russian, Bouvier, Rottweiler, Malinois, German Shepherd, etc.



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Chronicles of Batman - 1 day old to SchH 3 Sire, Son, Grandsire!  (and some training vids) Continuing life and saga of the German Shepherd Batman from birth to SchH title.


Chronicles of Cuda - 12 weeks old to SchH 1 Continuing life and saga of the Dobermann Cuda from birth to SchH title.


Alaska Seminar and Helper Evaluation and Maryland Helper Seminar Pictures and video from 2006 Seminar


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Our Hawaii Family Training with USA Club Schutzhund Hawaii in beautiful Hilo, Hawaii

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