Brass Tacks:

High Plains SchH Club started in June of 1990 and is a full member of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America.  Our club is a highly successful and competitive schutzhund club that believes in training all three phases of the sport.  We are like a family. We welcome visitors on Wednesdays.  High Plains has club members that travel from as far as 8 hours one-way to 20 minutes.  We have had club members move from Maryland and Nebraska to be in High Plains.  Our training director, Mark Chaffin, has been in the sport over 30 years and titled his first dog in 1978. We encourage all new members to see every club in their area to find which club suits their needs best. 

Each club has their own personality and training style.  Our style is similar to martial arts.  High Plains has every level of dog from pet to serious competition dogs.  We are not cookie trainers or trick trainers.  Please look at this video:

Protection Drives

Schutzhund is a breed standard for many European working dogs especially the German Shepherd Dog.  High Plains encourages people of all ages and dogs of all breeds (and mixes) to participate. 


High Plains has a private facility that has a bathroom, kitchen and indoor training building.  All newcomers need to sign a release of liability waiver. We would appreciate everyone cleaning up after themselves.  Smokers can smoke only in their cars.  Children have to be supervised at all times.  High Plains will be not tolerate any animal cruelty.  Dogs need to be crated when not working.

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