PRESS  if you want to know why we named him Batman? BATMAN 

Check out his progeny!  Son Flacko Police DogSon Fagan SchH 1


V Cuvak von der Bösen Hündin SchH 3 Kkl 1

High SchH 1, High Protection, High Obedience and High in Trial at Mid Central Regional Championship


Schutzhund 3   84-97-95=276

Chronicles of Batman is a record of a dog being trained from day 1 to a schutzhund 3 title.  Videos and pictures starting at day one.

Batman was born February 19th, 2006.   I will follow his progress as a schutzhund dog in training with short video clips and pictures.  His dad I trained to SG, Kkl 2, SchH 3 (286).  His dad was an extremely good dog for the work.  His mother is SG, Kkl 2 and SchH 3 (also 286) and still trialing.  She is a once in a life-time bitch with even more extreme drives.

One to Two Days Old VideoFive Week Old Picture13 Week Old Rag Work Video

13 Week Old Tracking Video14 Week Old Rag Work Video

SEE GrandDAD and DAD and SON ragging at 16 Weeks Old

17 Weeks First Runaways

Batman 5 Months Video (sleeve)Batman 5 Months Pics (sleeve)

Batman Starting Guarding 8 months

Batman at 10 MonthsBatman at ONE year

Batman 14 MonthsBatman 16 Months

Batman 17 Months

Batman Learning Blinds !Batman 23 months Teaching Outs !

Batman at 2 Years (He is a BH)Batman 2 Years Old Obedience

Batman almost 3Batman Doing Dumbbell for Bites

Batman's Transports and Strikes



                          VIDEO of Batman's Father Urak  


Cuvak von der Bösen Hündin (aka Batman)

                                                            VIDEO of Batman's Grandfather Pirol 

                     VIDEO of Batman's Mother Jiirina 

                                                               VIDEO of Batman's Grandmother Damilla 

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