2009 Regional Information

A former club member and very good friend Dan Brigham passed away 12/14/09 of a heart attack.  He was only 54.  We at High Plains will miss him terribly!


2009 Mid Central Results for High Plains


Youth Competitor Ellen with Jirina SchH 3


 SchH 3 Caiman with Glenn                 High Plains presented Glenn with a

                                                           gift for THIRD SchH 3 Club award!

      BH071.jpg Ann Marie & Batman picture by dogladyj BH065.jpg Ann Marie & Batman picture by dogladyj

       Batman:  High in Trial, High SchH 1, High Obedience, High Protection, High HOT


     High SchH 2 Jamie and Sarek            Anna and Conner obtained another SchH 3


         Quasi obtained his BH now SchH 1                          New SchH 1 Paladin

Special thanks to all the High Plains' members for their incredible support and dedication.  June helped for four days straight with no less than 10 hours a day!  Janelle a new member jumped in with both feet first and did a spectacular job helping.  Tammy and Craig brought us donuts and extras to feed an army.  Our cook, Kevin, made delicious prime rid and asparagus with special potatoes for dinner.  Teresa and her daughter Danielle came from over 4 hours away to work hard and didn't even bring their dogs so they could concentrate on helping.  Marylou spent many days before and during the even putting many hours in to help.  Patty Bartley did an amazing job as trial secretary and was the all around 'go to' person before, during and after the event.  Curtis laid track and did helper work either during the trial or for warm up before the dogs entered.  Thank you Scott for pitching in and helping us get the tracks laid.  It takes a village to run a bigger event and we had a village of people giving up a tremendous amounts of time and money to make this a huge success!  THANK YOU!!!

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